What's New for Clinique in August

Even Better Eyes

Clinique has extended their Even Better Collection with a new Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector.

Dark circles are a top concern, regardless of age and ethnicity. Many factors can lead to dark circles, including fatigue, stress, age, dehydration, poor circulation, inflammation, and heredity traits.

This tinted, lightweight, eye cream helps disguise dark circles with its combination of three cosmetic pigments: titanium dioxide, mica, and iron oxides. The titanium dioxide provides a brightening effect, the mica adds shine to help reflect light away from shadowed areas, and the iron oxides are used to give this product its light flesh-toned colour. 

How it works
Long term benefits in treating dark circles with key ingredients - Vitamin C and Mulberry root, both work together to help minimise the appearance of darkness.

Protection against irritation and environmental damage with anti-irritant ingredients - Caffeine and Green Tea Extract help soothe and calm irritation from environmental elements.

This product is fragrance-free product is and suitable for all skin types.

Available at all Clinique counters from August 26th - RRP $50