Clinique 'Service As You Like It Counter' Launch

WHEN: 07th July 09.30am
WHERE: Clinique Counter, Myer Sydney

Clinique are launching “Service as you like it” counters in Australia with its first already available in Myer Sydney. With the widespread use of the internet, more and more consumers have become more product aware with many of them no longer buying their products in store. 

Clinique reinvents the beauty shopping experience by offering customers multiple levels of service along with new, engaging ways to shop for beauty products. Breaking down all barriers, the flow and design invite customers to engage and interact in a creative and welcoming in-store environment. Clinique has developed these counters for the convenience of all their shoppers.

The first Clinique Apple iPad Skin Diagnostic Tool was piloted in the US in early 2011 and will now be launching into eight leading Clinique counters in July this year.

There are several beauty workstations featuring perfectly organised sections set-up with skincare, make-up, and foundation stations, with different interactive options also available.

I was given a personalised tour of each station. This beauty haven utilises modern design and technology to provide an innovative way to engage shoppers to a whole new experience encouraging customers to experiment, play and test products at their leisure.

After the tour I experienced the Clinique Apple iPad Skin Diagnostic Tool. What was really impressive was the ability to select a language I wanted my questions to be in and the how simple it was to use by selecting my skin concerns and then receiving a personalised skin care suggestions addressing each issue. I had a choice to print off my skincare suggestion or have it emailed to me. 

Around each station there were these really funky retro type chairs, in bright colours giving the appearance of a fun place to be. I was seated at the make-up station and had my make-up done by one of the Clinique consultants.

I walked away with a sketch of colours that were used so I can remember what I was wearing which is way better than writing them on a card and then forgetting what they looked liked.

It is refreshing to actually enjoy experimenting without feeling awkward touching the products, definitely a good reason to entice customers back in store away from their online shopping. I will definitely be back to experiment further at each workstation.

The new iPad Skin Diagnosis Tool will be available at the following stores;

Myer Sydney
Myer Chatswood
Myer Bondi Junction
Myer Melbourne
Myer Chadstone 
David Jones Elizabeth St 
David Jones Queens Plaza 
David Jones Bondi Junction


  1. You have had a couple of enjoyable beauty outings

  2. Ive been fortunate to experience them and have some me time too.


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