Razorpit Review

I was sent the Razorpit to trial and who better to test this product, the hubby!

Like most men and women who shave using a blade, we don't like being mugged for the extortionate cost of a new blade every 6-8 shaves.  The fancier the blade the more it costs.

The man was very excited to give this gizmo a go.  On first impressions, a strange silicone based tray.  Simple to use.  Luckily hubby was due for a shave!

Usually after the fifth or sixth shave he would change the blade and bin the blunt one, instead this time we trialled the Razorpit with a blunt razor. Firm pressure was used on the cartridge as he slid it along the razorpit several times.

Hubby is on his 3rd week using the same razor, getting at least 15 shaves out of it and still going.  I am not sure if it would last up to 150 shaves but any extended life on these expenses razors is a bonus.  I have to say he was a sceptic at first but was later impressed by this amazing product, so much so he pulls it out whenever a mate comes over and gives them a presentation on how it works!

Ladies, just think of all the extra stuff you can buy with the money you save on his/hers blades!  Some people can spend upwards of $300 a year throwing out blades once they think they’re at the end of their life.  However, this blunt feeling is simply due to hair and shaving lubricant being stuck beneath the blades and all it really needs to last longer is a good clean. The RazorPit’s sturdy thermo-plastic elastomer material provides friction as well as a soft-textured surface, allowing the blade to glide over it easily and remove any residue – the shaver is like new again!

The amazing part is it retails for only $29.95, a definite investment which can save you over $160 a year in disposable shaving cartridges being thrown out prematurely. In addition, shavers and razors cannot be recycled due to their size, meaning they end up in landfill, according to Planet Ark. Consider the amount of disposable razors RazorPit could save the environment from.

The RazorPit is an innovative solution for those who use Gillette Mach3 and Fusion razor blades to name but a few.

Overall rating 4.5/5

To purchase the Razorpit visit www.theshavershop.com.au and to find out more about this product visit www.razorpit.com.

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