Johnson's Baby Mum to Mum Project Launch

WHEN:   8th May 11.00am
WHERE: Bondi Junction

Johnson's Baby Australia & Murdoch Childrens Research Institute held an intimate Mum to Mum Launch Event with Sarah Murdoch and Ada Nicodemou at TheMamaClub in Bondi Junction.

Sarah Murdoch, (spokeswomen for Murdoch Children’s Research Institute) and Ada Nicodemou (Actress) spoke about what it was like being a mum for the first time and about the launch of a new Facebook app created by Johnson's Baby, to inspire, help and share the bond of motherhood and to allow new mums who are just starting their journey to share their piece of motherly wisdom. 

This app will be live until September. Go to Johnson's Baby Australia on Facebook, like the page and click on Mum to Mum Project APP.

Associate Professor Stephanie Brown (Healthy Mothers Healthy Families research group leader/principal research fellow), was also a guest speaker to discuss her research on 'The voice of women'. It was so inspiring hearing her talk about her experience about her grandson and the challenges she and her daughter had faced as well as studies that show's that being a new mum is a challenge in itself and that the first four years postpartum sees mums experience a number of mental and physical issues such as urinary incontinence, recurrent back pain, depressive symptoms, anxiety/panic attacks and tiredness/exhaustion.  One in five women has experienced physical or emotional abuse in the first four years of motherhood. 

This is was makes this project so important.  I feel passionate about this project and wish it will be a humungous success.  I wish this had been launched when I had my son, with all the difficulties I encountered including post natal depression I did not receive much support and whatever support there was I wasn't aware of it till much later.  So if you are reading this blog please support Johnson's Baby Mum to Mum Project.

In between the talks we were treated to delish cupcakes and sandwiches.

I even walked away with a couple of extra cupcakes.  Unfortunately my son and hubby got to them before I could devour in a piece!