When I was travelling around Europe I came across so many designer factory outlets that I begun having a shopping problem, yes, its called shopaholic syndrome.  Upon returning back home I ended up with two tea chest boxes filled with shoes, handbags, dresses and accessories that customs questioned me.  I quickly responded with 'how can any girl leave behind such bargains'?  I did however have to prove that almost $15,000 worth of goods only costed me a mere $2,000 and that they fit me and were all my size and no repeated pairs and they were all unique items; luckily I had all my receipts in my handbag.  I was drawing a crowd of custom officers who were amused; when I look back I had 2 tea chest boxes being examined, full of designer gear, was a little exaggerated.  I was very fortunate that I did not have to pay any tax.  I think they must of seen the passion in my eyes for my wonderful goodies. 

Anyway fastforward several years I do realise I was extremely lucky withmy  extraordinary finds at such ridiculously low prices and able to bring them into the country.

I've travelled overseas a couple of times since and researched the area I was going to find out if there were any outlets there, I found it extremely difficult to find any information about outlets.  So many of these amazing stores are best kept secrets and are difficult to locate unless you knew someone who knew the locations or befriended a local.

More and more secrets are being broadcasted on the internet but I still cannot find good resources when it comes to finding designer factory outlets.  So I decided to write some posts on the best factory outlets in the world, I will search high and low and will do my best in providing them all.  Their address, brands and opening hours.

Watch this space......


  1. Yes please! Do tell me about these factory outlets. I love designer labels especially European ones. It would be great to know where they are in Europe and USA.


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