I would love to have and enjoy every single fragrance Chanel has released but this is a long process.  I do not over indulge in my perfumes I spray or dab enough for it to be present without it being over powering and screaming 'hey smell me!' so it may take a while to go through them all.

I love them all but there are a few I'm not a particular fan of as certain scents do not compliment my skin, which is unfortunate because one day I want to have collected a bottle of each fragrance.

Below are images of my past and current fragrances that I have purchased.  There has been a few empty bottles that have gone astray so that just means that it goes back on my to try list!  Although I definitely have a No 5, bottle somewhere, so I need to go and find it so I can add it.

I have also added images of mists, bath oils and bath gels that  have purchased.

Even the hubby love's Chanel fragrance for men, his favourite at the moment is Bleu, he is on his 3rd bottle.


Coco Mademoiselle

Allure Sensuelle
Chance eau Fraiche
Cristalle eau Verte
Chance eau Tendre
Allure Edition Blanche

Allure Sport
Coco Mademoiselle shimmer touch
No 5 eau Premiere
Coco Noir
Chance body mists
Coco & No. 19 Bath Gels
Coco Mademoiselle Bath Gel & Body Mist

No. Intense Bath Oil
Cuir De Russie


I did have two exclusifs Beige & Cuir De Russie, I lent the Beige bottle to a friend to sculpt and unfortunately it broke, I was hugely devastated as it was half full.  The other Cuir De Russie I gave to my mother as I did not like the fragrance on my skin.

At Christmas, a good friend gave me a priceless gift, a vintage refillable No 5 atomiser. It was my best gift ever (apart from my snow globes). A vintage item to be found in a antique shop is a definite find. I always trawl through second hand and antique shops and never come across anything Chanel and for her to find it makes me feel special that she thought of me when she bought it.


  1. Hi, it's Tracey from Carpe Librum blog here (we met at the Crane Wife event in Sydney). You really do love Chanel don't you? He he, anyway, just dropping by both your blogs, and thought I'd say 'hi'. Keep writing.

  2. Hi there, I stumbled upon your blog whilst Googling for CHANEL relate things- I would love to follow your blog via Bloglovin' (as Google followers function would be disabled in the near future). Love the items you have collected so far!

    Th snowglobes from CHANEL are beautifullll, would love to see how you display your items in your home! Thanks for sharing :D


  3. Ohhh pampered in gorgeous Chanel scents... What a life :))))


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