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MILKY FOOT - Beauty Review & Giveaway

When the weather warms up and summer is approaching we all scramble to primp and prune our body to wear sandals, skirts and shorts and be beach ready.  In autumn and winter we hide our body and bits away for hibernation and neglect it.   Our feet are one part of our body that deserve a bit of extra TLC whether winter or summer.

Being time poor and having to spend an hour in a salon to get your mani or pedi done can be such a chore especially in winter when you prefer to be at home snuggled up on the lounge and eat yummy cheese on toast.  And if you have family and kids, trying to find time for yourself is even worse.

With all that extra time cosing on the couch you can still have perfect feet throughout winter and confidently show them off when shopping for new shoes!

Milky Foot is a revolutionary miracle product.  I suffer from dry heels I believe more than the average person (see image below), not sure why though, maybe its because I'm in thongs and sandals 99% of summer so my feet are exposed to all elements and drying out my skin, regardless how often I soak my feet and use a foot file and cream, it will look great for a couple of days and then its all dry again.  There is only so much skin you can file off your feet.  I'm all for DIY Beauty as I visit the salon a lot less these days as I find it extremely hard to find anyone who could do a great pedi.

The Milky Foot Exfoliating Pads is the quite an intensive treatment that exfoliates your skin to remove any rough patches.  It contains exclusive ingredients, ExMilac and Almond-based Mandelic Acid, works by using enzymes that help break down the hardened protein in dry, scaly skin along with additional exfoliating agents.  This is not recommended for pregnant women and/or diabetics.

I was eager to try Milky Foot, as it sounded way to easy for it to be effective.  Just slip your feet in a bag and relax for an hour or so and voila, in a few days your skin should peel away and you will have soft silky feet.  I wish they sold bags for weight loss, lay in it for an hour and the weight just falls off!

On a serious note, It is important to read the instructions before commencing any type of treatment.

Warning photos may be disturbing!

Here is a lovely image of my feet!

Before using Milky foot, you can see what I mean about dry feet.

Cut along the dotted line and then insert your feet

The Milky Foot treatment is very easy to use - simply cut open the two pouches and slide in your freshly washed and dried feet, it's like putting on slippers.

Now relaxing time

It is important that you schedule some relaxation time for this process because once you have them on you need to wait 60 minutes.  Oh, and make sure you wash any solution that go on your hands afterwards or you may have a surprise in a few days!

The Exfoliating Foot Pads are like plastic socks filled with gel.  The sensation is cold and squishy.  The product has a chemical smell but isn't unpleasant on the nose.  For the first ten minutes it did make my skin feel a little tingly which is normal and then it went away.

Each night I moisturised my feet.  On the fifth day I took a bath and barely touching my feet the skin was falling off in chunks (the instructions states 5-10 days which is pretty accurate), and I was hoping the peeling process was visible so I could take a photo of it and gross you out but when I stepped out of the tub and dried my feet it was like I had new feet.  Whilst drying myself and rubbing the towel around my feet some more skin fell off.   The only part of my feet that still had some evidence of peeling skin were above my feet and below my ankles.  I was definitely left with silky soft feet that were very pretty.

Look! Soft milky foot

It can take up to 2 weeks for the peeling to stop, if you have a big event planned I would recommend doing the Milky Foot Intense Exfoliating Foot Pad treatment well in advance.

So...did it work?

Me, myself and my feet, are very pleased to be able to give you a definite "YES"!

Moisturising after shower is recommended if you want to maintain the softness of your feet.  It is  also recommended to do the peel every two months.  My feet will only improve with each treatment.  I still have a little hardness at the heel but 90% had gone with just one treatment.

This would have to be the easiest DIY product I have ever used and with amazing results.

My overall rating - 5/5

Now for the giveaway
The lovely peeps at bioRevive have kindly given me an extra 5 packs to giveaway. |If you would love to win one for yourself, follow the instructions below;

1.  Follow my blog here
2.  Comment below
3.  Email me that you have done so, so I can notify you if you are a winner.

This competition is open to Australian Residents only. Competition Closes on the 19th May 2013. 

Winners will be notified by email and name posted on this blog.

Milky Foot is sold at pharmacies nationally and Priceline at a RRP of $29.95 and can also be purchased online.

For stockists visit www.biorevive.com/products/milky_foot or call 1300 790 978.

Check out their page on Facebook - www.facebook.com/milkyfoot

Thank you to those who participated in this giveaway.  The 5 winners are

Nikki M
Karla V
Liz A
Michelle L
Kristine S


  1. Would love to try sounds like a fab product. Followed and emailed you.

    Nikki M

  2. Yes please pick me...my feet are old and worn and need some tlc!
    Karla V

  3. I would really love the opportunity to try these before I buy, many thankx

  4. Such a great product - what I like most is that I would get to put my feet up for an hour, a rare treat with five kids to run around after!

  5. I would love to give this to my mother- we got her a pack about a month ago unfortunately we didn't know you had to keep your feet moisturised throughout the process and haven't had very good results. (Her feet are worse than yours! =)

    Liz A.
    (I cant figure out how to email you tho.. =/)

    1. Hi Liz,
      Just to clarify a point, I know I wrote that I moisturised to maximise the peel but its not necessary. I did it for myself as my feet were extra dry and even after the treatment the next day my feet looked dry I wanted to make sure my feet were moisturised. Not sure why you did not get good results it may have been just an unlucky try. After I tried many of my friends went out a bought the product and all had good results. Good luck in the comp!

  6. I want milky foot to save my feet
    Make them smooth would a treat
    Gone are the itchy soles and cracked heels
    Soft, smooth sexy feet looking great in heels.

    Michelle L. NSW

  7. Thanks for the awesome review. I bought my product at Priceline and I love the results, now I got my friends onto it and they love it too.

    Carla V


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