Lóreal Revitalift Laser X3 Review

Before trialling Lóreal Revitalift Laser X3 I was using  L'oreal Youth Code.  
Laser X3 claims to do three things to skin:
1. Corrects
2. Re-densifies
3. Re-supports

It contains hyaluronic acid and concentrated pro-xylane.  Hyaluronic acid penetrates the skin to repair and correct the appearance of wrinkles.  Pro-xylane stimulates and strengthens the support fibres of the skin to re-densify it.  

After the first week of using Laser X3,  I noticed a difference in my skin's texture. 
During the second week my skin redness has become less visible, smoother forehead and no dryness or oiliness throughout the day. 

With the horrible humid days we had experienced my skin has been a little irritated.  With Laser X3 it has stabilised the oil factor which in turn has reduced any redness or slight irritation caused by the outdoor elements.   I have stopped using a redness serum  and started using a normal anti-ageing serum and haven't applied foundation which has made my skin even smoother and radiant.   It is like it had a domino effect on my skin.
The scent is of the moisturiser was subtle and pleasant, it was not overpowering on the nose. The texture is a luxe and has the feel of a thick cream but when you apply it it slides thinly and easily, my skin absorbing it quickly. I have combination skin and this product felt amazing on my face and neck.

As for reducing the signs of lines and wrinkles I am still waiting for that to happen.  
Although I found my skin smoother I will wait a bit longer to see if it smoothed out the fine lines on my forehead. I have no doubt that it will reduce the fine lines and wrinkles and sagging with long term use.
Overall rating: 5/5

Product was provided by Beautyheaven for a trial


  1. Aside from the scent, this cream is truly amazing. Upon first application, my skin seemed to absorb the product quickly. My skin feels so soft and smooth each time I use it. In only a few weeks I've noticed that my skin appears "plumper" which is a good thing, because this has resulted in the reduction of wrinkles.


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