My Chanel Birthday Cake

Turning 40 had to be special, a new chapter in life, a milestone, whatever they call it other than middle age! I decided to celebrate it in style with all my friends at my favourite restaurant En Casa in Pitt St, Sydney.

Weeks earlier I had been searching the net to find the perfect Chanel birthday cake, it took several weeks and I couldn't find one that I liked so I asked my good friend if she could make me one. I had no idea what it looked like till the night so I was extremely excited.

The night was perfect we were all having a wonderful time.  Finally when the cake came out I was shocked and speechless, it was the most beautiful Chanel cake I've ever seen.  Just the way I liked it.  The inside was just as delicious and as the outside.

For my 50th I will make sure my cake will be more elaborate, maybe some pearls on it!

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