Wednesday, 6 February 2013


What started as a small hobby has turned out to become an out of control collection and to try to set some organisation amongst all my Chanel goodies I had to start categorising it all.

The first and most easiest were the ribbons.  I purchased the boxes with dividers and popped all my ribbons in there. The boxes are clear as you can see all the beautiful colours.  Not one ribbon in these boxes are the same.

The ribbons range from over a period of 15 years.  There are of course some that I do not have and I have been able to purchase about 4 over eBay of rare ones (from the US) but most of them are from my purchases and obtaining the special ribbons from Europe, UK and here in Australia.

Box 1 - There are a few whites but they are all different

Box 2

Box 3 - waiting to be filled

The gold and red are vintage

Beautiful aren't they!  I can't wait till Valentines Day and Mothers Day when special ribbon comes out, so intrigued to find out what colour and texture they would be.  Well let hope they do this year.


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