My 2013 Chanel Christmas Gift

I was looking forward to this day all year, wondering if I qualify for another wonderful Chanel christmas gift and what it would be.  Christmas was creeping fast and I was anxiously waiting for that letter in the mail or phone call inviting me in to collect my very special gift.

It finally came and I was so overjoyed I didn't let the poor guy speak.  I was finally able to pick it up after Christmas but not without indulging in their latest collection Printemps Precieux De Chanel Spring makeup 2013 Collection.

I didn't buy the entire collection, I only purchased pieces that I liked and would use.  I loved them all but I have so much I have to be more selective these days.  I decided to buy the pink nail polish, lipstick and eye shadow.

571 Fracas

Rose Favorite

42 L'éclatante

Photos never do justice to the actual colour of the item.  But they are all divine, the pink is so pretty and very flattering which was quite surprising as I can wear pink nail polish but for some reason lippy and eye shadow never seem to look good on me as I have olive skin, but this particular pink suits my skin tone.

Now for the best, this is what I received as my gift.  A snowglobe.  Its different from the one of last year, much smaller but so beautiful.


  1. Wish I could have a lush snow globe too :'((((
    They are divine!


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