Dyson Digitial Slim DC44

I purchased my first Dyson when I was pregnant.  Hubby was spoiling me rotten and saying yes to everything (except when I said I needed a Chanel bag)!

On a serious note, what interested me in a Dyson was its amazing features; bagless, powerful and most importantly came with a HEPA filter, perfect for asthma and for allergies (which I suffer from both).

My beloved Dyson

I was excited unpacking the box and putting it all together and couldn't way to test it out.  I have never considered myself a domestic housewife but being pregnant does something funny to the brain around house appliances and electrical's.  It was the best investment ever.  Seven years later and it still works like a dream. No service ever needed.

My only problem is being a busy mum, working part-time and all the other stuff that I seem to do to make my life hectic, I became lazy to pull out the vacuum cleaner each week, instead I would be using the carpet sweeper.  Its easier, faster and no cords to pull around.  I thought this was the best invention ever until I spotted the Dyson DC44.  I had to drag my man to the shops to look at it and try to convince him we needed one.   He was won over by its sleek look and features.  We had decided to look into it again closer to mothers day.

I attended the Bloggers Brunch (read article here) late last year and Dyson was one of the exhibitors.  After talking with a Dyson representative and expressing my love for Dyson I was offered a DC44 to trial.  I was over the moon and instantly put that poor excuse of a sweeper in the garage and replaced it with a shiny new DC44.  Whenever my girlfriends would come around with the kids I would whip it out, do a little demo and put it back in its spot.  They were impressed!

This is wear I stored my sweeper
Slimline and attractive

Ok, now down to the serious stuff.  How does it perform?

You have to admit, Dyson create beautiful machines. Compared to many handheld vacuums that are on the market and I have tried, nothing compares to the ergonomic comfort (surprising for its size), its powerful clean and ease of use. I had no idea how many uses this DC44 has.  I loved it purely because it was cordless and easy to move around furniture.  I discovered that it can also dust curtains, cornices, light shades, crevices in couches and do a helluva a job in the car. 

Straight out of the box, the DC44 requires minimal assembly.  All you need to do is pick the required attachment and your ready to go.  The DC44 comes charged.  Charging takes around 5.5 hours and will last you up to 20 minutes. That seems short, but you will be amazed how much you can do without a cord.

Goes deep under furniture

Moves around furniture

Dusting my curtains

Dusting my wallpaper, no more dusts cloths!

Perfect for crevices in lounges

First few days it felt quite heavy on the hand manoeuvring it around but it became so easy once I got used to it.  I couldn't believe I did my whole unit in 20 minutes.  I had just made it into the computer room when the battery went flat.  In between rooms I emptied it out twice.  I had no idea how dirty my carpet was.  I thought my sweeper did a good job picking up the dust and hairs considering I was using it daily.

As an added bonus I was able to use it on lino and tiled floors as I found out when I did my kitchen and bathroom.  I no longer require a broom and duster!

This was picked up after I used the sweeper.

I had a little difficulty cleaning the head but after following instructions it was easy peasy to pull it apart and give it a thorough clean.

The Dyson Digital Slim DC44 is retailed at $549.  This is well worth the investment.  It is a little pricey but when you consider how many hand held vacuum cleaners or household cleaners you buy over time, the number of bags purchased and services done, the Dyson will pay itself off much faster than you would expect.  As I mentioned at the beginning I invested in my Dyson seven years ago and it is as effective as it was the first day I bought it thus the reason I wouldn't think twice spending that money again on a Dyson.  I always say 'you get what you pay for and you get a lot with the DC44.

My overall rating - 4.5/5

If you would like to know more about The Dyson Digital Slim DC44 or about other products visit their website. www.dyson.com.au.