Favourite cake designs

I'm all for a good looking cake but what use is it if it tastes like ahem.....

A good friend of mine is a cake maker.  She has decided to start her own business make cakes from scratch.  No ordering the cake and just decorating it, completely from scratch.

My friend and her husband are a team in making best tasting cake ever.  I'm not just saying that because she is a friend, it's because it's true.

I believe a cake should not only look good but taste good too.  What is the point of a fancy wancy looking cake and then it tastes crap.  She has made my son's birthday cake two years in a row and will continue for years to come.

The taste of her cakes is what makes her different from alot of the other cake makers.  Ingredients are of top quality, everything made from scratch and with love.  Did I say Lindt Chocolate?  Yes, and its to die for.  She believes in using only the best as they comes out in the flavour.

Here are some photos of cakes I've ordered from her. Pretty good considering she has only been decorating cakes for a couple of years.

4th birthday

5th birthday

Here is a photo of my special cake, aaaah yes, Chanel.  Beautiful isn't it.

My ummm 21st!

Unfortunately after I blew out the candles there were only crumbs left to remind me of what a beautiful cake it was.

With Valentines Day almost here and Easter around the corner these yummy treats would make the perfect gift for anyone.  Check them out, too cute!

Valentines Jar of Cookies
Large Cookie

Small Jars of cookies

Large jar of cookes

Craving Cake has appeared in Shop till you Drop for Kids.

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