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Smooze Fruit Ice Review
Will this be the newest health craze that has hit the market?  I think so.  There are not many products out in the market that are healthy, fun, delicious and dairy free, suitable for the lactose intolerant (like me).

I have an open mind when it comes to trying new food, I have never been a fan of coconut drinks, although I love coconut on my lamingtons and that is about as far as it went.  I was eager to try one and could not wait till it was frozen so I opened one and ate it, with the eager assistance of my 5 year old.  I think towards the end we were fighting over it (he won).  

I received 8 to trial, two of each flavour, these only lasted 3 days in my household, they disappeared before I could even get to taste another one.  But that's ok, I went out to the supermarket and stocked up, a box in each flavour and now I'm the hero of the week!

The flavours of each ingredient is equal throughout the whole ice block, no flavour overpowers the other.  It is refreshing, extremely yummy and no guilt tag attached to it. 

There are many ways of indulging in Smooze Fruit ice, try adding it to a smoothie for extra flavour and slushy texture, this was definitely a winner with my son.

Here is a sample smoothie recipe

Smooze Breakfast Buzz Smoothie Recipe (Serves 1) 

1 x frozen Smooze Fruit Ice of your choice 
1 x cup of either banana, peaches, berries or mango 
¾ cup milk of your choice (dairy or other) 
1 tspn honey 

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. 

Looking for a bigger kick to your morning routine but don’t want to add an egg? Include 1 tbsp of your favourite protein powder in the Smooze Breakfast Buzz Smoothie for a filling energy boost. 

Smooze Fruit Ice is available in four flavours – Pineapple + Coconut, Pink Guava + Coconut, Mango + Coconut, and Simply Coconut – and is distributed by Health Attack.

I would love for my son to take these to school but it is not possible to tear it open with your fingers, I would like to suggest this to Smooze, maybe adding a tear easy packaging.

Smooze Fruit Ice ingredients contains Coconut milk with real fruit.  Calories are at a minimum (means I can have two).  They come in 4 delicious flavours Pink Guava & Coconut, Simply Coconut, Pineapple & Coconut and Mango & Coconut.

Smooze Fruit Ice is available in the dessert aisle of supermarkets and independent grocers.  Box of 10 RRP$6.49.

For more information about Smooze and nutritional information visit their website -


  1. Hi Bernadette, thanks so much for this great review! We're glad your family loves Smooze!

    Regarding the idea for a tear pack: it is a great one that we have explored, however in order to retain the integrity of the pack when the contents expand from liquid to solid, the pack is still tricky to tear when frozen – mostly because they’re small and hard to grip.

    For this reason, we still kept the image of the scissors along the dotted line.

    Again, thanks so much for a great review!

    - Team Smooze

    1. Thank you for commenting on my review. I really appreciate being heard and I understand where you are coming from. Nethertheless it hasn't detered us from indulging in them!


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