There are so many products and brands entering the market and I wish I could buy and try every single one of them.  With new technology and ingredients, even the packaging are becoming more attractive.

Rewinding five years ago, we didn't have half as many international brands available here.  It was mostly the major brand names with a handful of small international and local brands.

The ability to order online and many countries now posting to Australia has opened a whole new world of beauty heaven for us to indulge in.  Companies like Mecca Cosmetica and Sephora also make it easier for us to buy quality products that would not normally be available to us unless you purchase online.

I guess we are more and more becoming aware and exposed to what's on offer as we spend more to look better.  Whether it be magazine articles, websites or even the travelling we do we are more educated and exposed to the latest beauty breakthroughs.

I love walking through DJs and Myer, touching and testing and buying products I've never heard of, to try and see results.  Some work and some don't, this doesn't mean they are crap it's just they may not be suitable for me.  Lucky I have three sisters to share the stuff around if I no longer want them.  But there are way too many coming out that I cannot keep up with them.

Recently my skin decided to have a spaz attack and breakout with pimples and rashes that would sting.  I was given cortisone cremes which worked for a while but became ineffective.  I was then given another creme to calm my skin down which eventually worked.  It took 6 months for my skin to almost return to normal.  I still get the occasional pimple here and there which have left pigmentation marks.  I found this to be very stressful as I have never ever had breakouts before in my life not even through my teenage years so this was very traumatic.

After speaking to a skin therapist I was told that chopping and changing products could of irritated my skin which caused it to develop an atopic dermatitis on my cheeks and chin.  It does make sense since I guess I never gave my skin the chance to get used to a certain product I was using.

So is using a multitude of brands and products beneficial or is it doing more harm than good?  I believe it can be beneficial using it longer term and not confusing the skin but then when a new and improved formula comes out do we buy it immediately and cease using the current product?  I think not.  This is what I was doing.

For the past month I have culled through my beauty cupboard and selected my faves and am sticking to those until they are finished.  Once I am at the stage to review my beauty regime I will introduce one new product at a time so I do not shock my skin.

Has anyone else experienced the same as I have?  I would love to hear from you.