Eliunt Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting

I recently attended a Eliunt Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting at the brand new Eliunt kiosk in Westfield Bondi Junction to sample the range of oils.  Not sure what to expect, this is my first foodie tasting so very excited.

Olive oil has such a big part in making successfully delicious meals and canapes. No matter how simple the dish is if you have quality olive oil it will enhance the flavours and make every dish mouthwatering heaven.

Being Italian I thought I knew a lot about olive oil, I grew up with it and we drizzle it on everything.  What I didn't know is the different strengths required for different dishes and how it can alter the taste.

For example, for salad it is recommended that a light and fruity extra virgin olive oil is best, like Vitality from Australia and if you are bread dipping, a strong and heavy oil like the Olivar from Spain.

Chef preparing each dish with a different olive oil

I honestly couldn't pick a favourite, they were all so delicious.

My tasting tapas dishes

With all of the Eliunt oils they help balance out the flavours of each dish.  There is no right or wrong way to use olive oil, it is all purely down to the taste of your palate and what you and your guests prefer.  That is what is great about Eliunt's collection of olive oils from around the world you do not have to fill your pantry with lots of large bottles of olive oil instead the bottles are small & convenient, just the way I like it.  For me its not about the size of the product but about the quality of it.

There are currently 10 oils in the range and I cannot wait when they expand the range further in the future.  Their current range includes amazing oils from Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Tunisia, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, USA and Australia. 

Whole collection in a box gift set

My top three favourites from the collection is Australia, Turkey and Jordan.

The best thing about this collection is the presentation packs.  You can either buy the whole collection in a box set which you will receive a lovely keepsake book explaining each oil and its region, or you can mix and match a small gift box set.

Since attending this launch I have returned and purchased a gift pack for a gift for my aunty.  I was the favourite of the day!

Eliunt can be purchased either online or at Westfield Bondi Junction.

Eliunt packs come in a variety of options including;

The Compendium RRP $74.95
This package includes 10 fine Extra Virgin Olive Oils from around the world. Each has a unique and exquisite flavour, colour and aroma. The Compendium Pack also incorporates a display holder the Oils and a hand-drawn booklet to transport you through the history of Olive Oil. Your journey is about to begin.

Make your own (three RRP $23.95 and five RRP$33.95)
Let your imagination fly around the globe and let your taste buds pick either three or five of your favourite Eliunt Olive Oils.

Intercontinental Gift Pack RRP $24.95 for three pack and RRP $34.95 for five pack
Olive Oils from the Intercontinental regions come from outstanding groves carefully selected. The three pack includes Italy, Australia and Lebanon. The five pack includes Oils from Jordan, Tunisia, Greece, USA and Australia.

Mediterranean Gift Pack RRP$24.95 for three pack and RRP $34.95 for five pack 
Mediterranean Olive Oils are famous for their outstanding fruity aromas and flavours. The three pack includes Oils from Italy, Greece and Spain and the five Oils include Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Turkey.