Hair Secrets Hair Extensions Review

I was fortunate enough to have a one on one demonstration on Hair Secrets hair extensions.

New Hair Secrets hair extensions are made from 100% natural 'Remy' human hair, sourced from Burma, to ensure natural-looking results.  Why Burma?  Apart from uncoloured untreated hair, Burmese women have thick lustrous hair which is perfect for hair extensions.  Hair Secrets want to ensure you get the best quality product that money can buy.

With 30 colours to choose from there is no need to colour your extensions to match your hair, you are bound to find one that matches.  

Hair Secret extensions have the same thickness from root to tip giving full volume and replicating hair's natural hair growth 
You will also receive a great bag and storage container to store your hair extensions so they don't get damaged.

After playing with them for a while, I couldn't get over how real these extensions feel, the quality was obvious and I felt inspired to have extensions put in to know what its like to have long luscious hair.

The bag and tub that comes with the hair extension is a nifty idea to keep the extension in top condition and prolong their life.  Hair Secrets have thought of everything!

Here are some pics of a model having clip-in hair extensions put in. It literally took 5 minutes!

There are two ranges for hair extensions.  Clip-in and Invisi Gels.

Clip-in Extensions
These come in two 20 inch styles 'Ultimate Volume' and 'For Fine Hair'.  A full head can be applied in just five minutes.

Invisi-Gels permanent hair Extensions
Are glue free, meaning an easy and efficient application.  A full head of hair can be completed in under 30 minutes.  The super strong gel bonds ensure hair extensions remain in place for 6-8 weeks without it becoming loose.

Professional Extensions Brush 
Available for purchase to maintain your locks and keep them in premium condition.  The brush is retailed at $26.

The Hair Secrets range includes:
-   Clip-in Extensions For Fine Hair (RRP$265)
-   Clip-in Extensions for Ultimate Volume (RRP$345)
-   Invisi-Gels permanent hair extensions (from RRP$590)
-   Professional Extensions Brush (RRP$26)

To know more about these products visit Hair Secrets website.

I would like to thank Tammi from Word Storm for inviting me.