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Everyone is a collector of something whether it be magazines, toys, jewels, handbags, at the very least clothing.

I'm a Chaneloholic, there I said it.  I collect all things Chanel.  In trying to work out when my passion (or you could say obsession) with Chanel began, I searched deep into my past. I began recalling lovely outings with my mother as a tween.  The bus trip into town to David Jones and other stores, the final pitstop was Chanel Boutique on Pitt St.  My mother would chat to the assistants who knew her well whilst we browsed at the bags and clothes.  I would admire the perfume bottles and their scents.  On many visits the assistants would always give me a little gift to take away and I would treasure this for weeks.

I realised my mother also had a passion for beautiful things.  My mum told me when she was young her father went on regular trips to Paris for business and bring back beautiful hats and clothing for her mum and she recalls some were Chanel.  My mum recalls the fabric and buttons and how they were all beautifully made.  Growing up my mum always made our clothes, mind you, she used to be approached my companies like DJs to make clothes for them!

Fashion houses and designers were not household names back in the 80s unless you were in fashion or media.  These days even 10 year olds know the difference between a Prada and a Louis Vuitton.  I was usually aware of these brands when I was a teen but had no concept of their value.  I used to read articles and books about these brands but it felt it was part of the world of models and actresses only.

Over the years my collection of Chanel items grews slowly.  Once I started travelling overseas I was exposed to all these wonderful brands in a much bigger way in Europe and England. This is where I gained most of my knowledge, Keeping in mind that the internet was not widely used in the 80s and 90s like it is now.
My obsession for Chanel started in England where every Boots, Selfridges and other department stores stock Chanel.  Whenever I made a purchase I was given a lovely promo gift to add to my collection.  I stored all my lovely things in a box.  Upon my return back home to Sydney I stored alot of my collection in the garage along with wedding presents while we were renovating our unit. 

Our garage got broken into and everything was taken, unfortunately we did not have insurance so we lost everything.  All the material things did not matter as they were replaceable and the truth is, alot of my wedding presents were naff anyway.  But the one thing that broke my heart was my 12 years of collection of rare items of Chanel.  That little box of priceless items that regardless if I was insured or not was irreplaceable.

I stopped collecting anything after this incident for a few years as afraid I was of afraid it.  In the year 2000, I decided to start collecting again, I couldn't help it its in my blood to collect.  So my new Chanel collection began.

It started off with miniature bottles, leaflets, postcards, promotional and transgressed to books, accessories, makeup, perfume and nail polishes.  This is my biggest collection 'Les Vernis'.

As you can see from the photo it is quite a large stash of nail polishes, a few have gone along the way.  I do not know if I would ever get the chance to use them all up over my life time as I keep adding to them but they bring me so much joy.  I don't buy just any colour, 95% of this collection is limited edition and launch colours.

My Chanel collection has expanded so much that I have half a glory box (chest) full of stuff inside them and every now and again I pull them out to look at.  I will not show everything I have just my favourites. I will one day have them in special display containers and shelves as many are beautiful to display, just like my Snow globe.

Isn't it gorgeous.

It feels special when I receive gifts for being a loyal customer.  Receiving beautiful items like this globe makes me want to shop more.

Anyway this is my story on how I became a Chanel admirer (it sounds alot nicer).

I never married a millionaire to shower me with Chanel and fill my house with it, maybe that's a good thing, I think there would of been a serious problem if I did, I can just imagine what my husband would say if I had married a millionaire 'it's me or the Chanel', and I would say 'Chanel darling always Chanel'.



  1. Ooh, that is quite something, love your nail polish collection! That globe is so beautiful! When we met and told you how beautiful your lashes looked, I remember your enthusiasm when you said "It's Chanel Inimitable!" I could see it :)
    So sorry to hear you lost your most beloved things, heartbreaking! Glad to see that it didn't stop you :)
    PS: Sent you an email to your blogger id. Hope you got it! x


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