NIVEA Sensitive Protect Roll-on Deodorant review

Being an aerosol user for many years I never gave a thought to roll on deodorant.

I do suffer from sensitive skin under my arms as I get itchy  often. Swapping brands had made no difference.

Nivea Sensitive Protect roll-on comes in a glass bottle, its a little on the heavy side but definitely takes less room than my aerosol which fits perfectly in my bathroom cabinet.

There is no fragrance present which is fine for me but some people may like their pits to have fragrance. There was no sticky-ness or residue. I was pleasantly surprised on how quickly my armpits dried after rolling it on. I'm pleased to say that my itching has reduced but not completely gone. Not sure whether its because Im using a roll on and it may be different to an aerosol or the fact that its sensitive range. Either way I'm happy.

I did not sweat nor smell throughout the day. I'm not sure whether I would say it protects me for 48 hours, it is a big claim though.  It will be interesting to see whether I stay fresh during the hotter Summer months!

Overall, I'd definitely buy this product again, and have decided to switch from aerosol to roll on.

Overall rating 4/5