Pantene Pro-V Review

Beautyheaven sent me some Pantene Pro-V products to trial and review. I am par to their trial panel. Very exciting stuff.

Pantene Pro-V - Aqua Light Shampoo
True to Pantene, the familiar fragrance is yummy, not too strong but just right. They have gone in a different direction with their packaging a more modern upscale look. Clear bottles  showing you exactly how much you have left.

The texture is a gel-like clear formula with no colouring. I only needed a small amount as it lathered up quickly.  Once I rinsed my hair, it felt nice and soft and I hadn't even put conditioner on yet.

Pantene Pro-V - Aqua Light Conditioner

I love the texture of the product.  It has a thick and creamy consistency. Fragrance is similar to the shampoo.

I applied the conditioner to mid length to tops and left it on for about a minute or so.  I rinsed thorough.  I was worried that the conditioner was too heavy for my hair weighing it down.  But this did not happened.  My hair is more manageable and less frizzy.  Feeling soft, and oh so light and shiny. 

After using it for about a month, I'm very impressed with the condition of my hair as Pantene in past, made my hair quite static and flyaway but with this shampoo it has made my hair much more manageable.

My overall rating 4/5 - Budget products that work effectively.