Wednesday, 19 October 2011


It's taken me 3 months to finally figure out what my log on and password was for my blog. I only got started and I had misplaced my details!

What is happening to my brain? What happen to the days before mobile phones and computers when we had to memorise more than 10 phone numbers, people addresses, appointments and all the other stuff we used our brains for!

Seriously, life is far more complicated these days, technology is supposed to make it easier for us but its given us more work and made our brains lazier. We may have it easy not having to remember phone numbers, appointments and even accessing our emails from our phones but we need passwords and account numbers for everything and where do we store all that info? 

Is technology really helping us? Without it we memorise everything, with it we forget everything and rely on our phone but still need passwords to access everything.

Anyway, I wanted to start blogging about products and everyday stuff which I have not been able to do and although fate may be playing a part telling me it is not my time now, too bad I will try anyways! Even thought I tried every avenue to log in but couldn't, I gave up and thought to start all over again in the new year. 

Tonight, as I felt like spring cleaning my desk and office I accidentally stumbled across a piece of paper that had fallen behind my desk whilst cleaning. It had my log on details, hooray! 

This is all a new adventure for me, learning about social media and blogging and a whole new vocabulary that goes with it.

Until next time, good night and good bye

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